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Random Photos

Here are some random pictures I took. I hope you enjoy them.

Emphasis Photos

Here are some emphasis photos I took.

Expressionism Assignment

Here are some of my pictures that I took for my photo class.

Fall Leaves

Leaves twist and turn,
in the wind, as if they know, the end is neer. Changing colors, changing shades, as if there sick to there stomachs. Days pass, a few leaves, still hang. Dreading the time, that they have to fall. A few fall, floating in the breeze. There end has come, know they done.

How To Sheer a Goat

For sheering a goat you will need to get two plastic bags. On one wright the name of the animal, the date and the year it was done in.The other one will be for garbage. That means the stuff you don't want.
Make sure your sheers are working and ready before you put your goat in the stand. Make sure you have oil for your blades. If your blades get hot easy. Make sure you have a few extra blades.
#1. Put your animal in the stand. Pick out all the vegetation out of the animal fiber.
#2. Next you will want to oil your blades.
#3. You will want to sheer down the back bone. That will get you ready for sheering the barrel.
#4. You will want to sheer the barrel. Do this on both sides.
#5. You will want to sheer the belly carefully.
#6. You can sheer the legs know.
#7. You will want to do the neck. The animal will most likely not like this so have someone help hold the animal.
#8. If your goat is being good. You can clean up the parts you missed.
It helps if you give your goat some grain well…


Yellow is as precious as gold,Brillant like the warm,radient sun. Soft as a little chick, a fairy, fluttering around, Like a bee, buzzing in my ear. Sweet as yellow frosting. Like a sunflower, Blooming in the sun.